Sister Winds is a quaint, sweetly-sized family festival that is uplifting and allows for deep relaxation within community. The festival highlights and honors women performers and feminine energies through all gender and age participation. Our vision is to bridge communities by creating a friendly environment to create magic together and positive intentions for our future. Every Sister Winds Festival Donates to a global cause! This Year our Motto is Bee Happy! We will be donating profits to help save and protect our pollinators with

Get ready for Sister Winds Taos July 16th,


MAY 27th, 28th and 29th
Sunrise Ranch Loveland, Colorado
8th annual Colorado Festival

JULY 16th 1pm-1am
Taos Mesa Brewing
A one day mini fest!

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Special Thank You to our Sponsors

FREEMOTIONS! Free Motion – The Movement Center Best place to move in town~located centrally in the heart of the beautiful Boulder, Colorado. A growing community forming around the transformational benefits of intuitive movement and dance.

Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place ~ Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place is a place to celebrate and create community through nourishing food, hand-crafted potions and community gatherings. Founded by “The Blissful Sisters”—triplets Jill, Jessica and Jennifer Emich.Every bite of food, sip of beer, drop of potion and gathering vibrates with energy and well-being. The sisters serve up plates of Paleo, vegan and vegetarian, farm-to-table comfort food made in a 100% Gluten-Free and GMO-Free kitchen.

StarWater Elixir Bar! has been serving the Sister Winds community with intentional beverage alchemy since 2011 – this year bringing together many local, independent beverage companies, all with a common goal of hydrating your Spirit with the blessings of our Eclectic Community!

Since 1993 Herbs & Arts has served Denver and the region, striving to be a place of healing & sanctuary to all who enter regardless of one’s beliefs. Living with a simple intention, to put forth compassion, love & gratitude into the universe with the belief that if we can inspire & empower healing and spiritual connection in ourselves and others, the world will change for the better. The many products Herbs & Arts make, and carefully choose for their store, are designed to support and facilitate these intentions. For more delightful info:

Yes is the Jewel of Life. Yes is why we Grow. It is why we evolve. Yes is why Love is. Yes is the animating force in the creation of all life. Yes is the key and the secret door.  It is the path that unfolds as you walk it.  Every step. Yes. Yes pulls you into life, it is the passage into the full flowering of authenticity.  YES A TAPDANCE done in the MOUTH of a WOLF.  YES NOURISHES!  YES is the hidden passage and the gilded ladder.  Yes is the secret smile shared with a stranger,  the dancing light that shines in your eyes.  Yes is the map and the treasure,  it is the name of the boat that sails,  and the shovel that digs.  Yes is the wind in the sails.  YES is the island on which that buried.


"Seeds for our Future" 2015 indiegogo Sister Winds Video