Sister Winds Festival, Boulder, Colorado
Sister Winds Festival, Boulder, Colorado

This Year’s Sister Winds Festival is September 23rd 2017
At Vali 
Soul in Boulder
6717 Valmont Rd, Boulder, CO 80301 

This will be our 9th Boulder Festival. We usually hold them in late May or Early June, but this year we decided to focus our energies on becoming a non-profit so this is our first Fall Day Festival!

Sister Winds is a quaint, sweetly-sized family festival that is uplifting and allows for deep relaxation within community. The festival highlights and honors women performers and feminine energies through all gender and age participation. Our vision is to bridge communities by creating a friendly environment to create magic together and positive intentions for our future. Every Sister Winds Festival donates to a global cause ~ last year our motto was Bee Happy! We donated $1,900 to help save and protect our pollinators to

Global Solutions Day will also be joining Sister Winds this year! The overall mission for Global Solutions Day is to bring awareness to humanity that a collective of global unifiers, solutionaries, pioneers, social architects, systems engineers, and change makers are coming together to co-create a planetary solutions directory. These members are and have been taking the initiative to identify and link the world’s leading innovations and collectives from all sectors of the human experience system. This includes social & ecological regeneration, peace building, ancient wisdom, conscious evolution, ethical innovation, effective collaboration, solutions-awareness & holistic education all geared towards a systemic transition.

Global Solutions Day is a potent transformational opportunity for us to embody and reflect our intention for unity and co-creation.The event will evolve into a solutions revolution that will be supported and co-created through a global network of solutions-oriented collectives building on and gathering years of experience and experimentation in the fields of global unity, transdisciplinary collaboration, solutions-awareness education and whole-systems transition. We are supporting the convergence of leading-edge web-based technologies and innovations to optimally enable our coherent unification, organization, communication and co-creation, at the global, regional and local levels. This directory offers an open source, unified and distributed Global Database, Online Academy and Geo-Social Networking & Collaboration Hub.



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