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Jackie Healy, Intuitive Guide will be performing individual readings (psychic readings)
>>>>& Kismet Energies Kismet Energies will be providing medium readings, communicating between spirits who have passed and the living.

Jackie Healy loves to support others as an intuitive guide. She believes we came into this life asspirits with a purpose.  We are meant to fulfill our life’s passion, which helps us to evolve as spirits.  Our spirits need to integrate with the human experience in order to evolve in this world.  As an intuitive guide, Jackie reads clients’ energy (past and present) and deep truth to assist them with questions, conflicts and decisions; which can be regarding love, relationships, career, life purpose, healing, and many other human experiences.  Jackie is truly gifted at making each person feel special, heard, understood, and then assisting their progression forward through their life journey.
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