Welcome to the Sister Winds Healing Sanctuary! Come relax and release with our experienced body workers.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture helps regulate the body by stimulating acupoints, the specific places along the meridians (energetic extensions of the organs through the body’s periphery) with needles. This stimulation sends messages throughout the body that create a change which helps the body find homeostasis; leaving you feeling relaxed, more like yourself, with an overwhelming sense of well-being. A treatment today is like a reset for your energy and the start of long-lasting, feel good change in your life!

Thai Massage:  This form of bodywork includes assisted stretches which makes it akin to Yoga. In fact, it is sometimes called “the lazy man’s Yoga” because it’s like the therapist is doing Yoga TO you. Sessions are done clothed on a large mat and can be anywhere from 30 minutes – 2 hours long. Our bodyworkers employ their knowledge of both physical and spiritual anatomy while working for wholistic release and healing. This practice of conscious, healing touch dates back to the time of the Buddha, when it was created to help the celibate monks release excess energy that may get stuck in the body. It can have profound effects for the physical, mental and energetic bodies.


Fly and Thai Optimization:  Have you always wanted to fly? Who hasn’t? Yet gravity seems to have a solid hold on us humans, until we work together to lift one another up with AcroYoga! Flying can seem exciting and a little intimidating, but meet AcroYoga’s softer side with restorative flights and Thai massage given by experienced bases.

In ‘lunar’ or restorative flying, the lifted partner is passive, while the base is strong, stacked and (fairly) still. This allows the flyer to receive maximum traction with the help of gravity and to release deep holding patterns of stress and tension. After fun and relaxing lunar flight, we may wind our way to the ground for Thai massage.


**No partner or experience necessary; come learn to fly and relax body, mind and spirit with our skilled Lunar AcroYogis!