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Communicating With Others By Alexa James

Communicating with Others by Alexa James

Saturday 5-6pm in Global Solutions Healing Tipi —

One significant way to create more ease, connection and abundance in our lives.

It’s my sense that the place, the occasions, that people come together is where spirituality happens. And one of the most apparent ways we connect with one another is through language. When we improve the way we communicate—in all settings—we are literally manifesting more of what we hope for in our lives.

In this workshop, we will consider the reasons to say what we mean more of the time. We’ll consider ways to see deeper within ourselves to even know what it is that we do really mean. And we’ll go over ways to interact in person, by phone, email, etc. in ways that will more consistently bring about our personal and professional goals.

Alexa earned her college degree in journalism and has used communication throughout her career. For 15 years, she’s helped individuals and companies be more successful promoting their products and services through personal coaching, marketing support, and sales. Her spiritual path has traveled through many traditions and she lives in a very close, daily relationship with plants, animals and Gaia.

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