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Apothecary Vendor Booth

Apothecary Vendor Booth


Shaela Noella

Synergy Essences, co-created by Noella Roselena and the Nature Spirits, are magical healing remedies for the energetic body made from infusing the vibration of flowers and other wonders of nature into water. They are bottled in a yummy concoction of spring water, organic eau-de vie and kosher vegetable glycerin to take internally. Synergy Essences, inspired by Flower Essences, are exceptional natural remedies for the spirit and soul.



Somah (also known as Tracy Shulman): Savitur Botanicals 

Somah’s passion is to import from companies where the oils’ roots and history of the land can be traced. The company in India, produces only Indian oils. They wildcraft all of their oils and have always used natural repellents such as “cow dung” and neem oil. Somah has been back many times and knows the employees that hand dip the incense and pour the oils into the containers. The Himalayan/Kashmir Lavender and Indian Geranium are unique smells, compared to the more often used, French Lavender or Bulgarian Rose Geranium.

Somah continues to import oils from wherever they grow naturally on this beautiful planet! That includes Bulgaria, Somalia, Australia, Corsica, Sri Lanka, India and MORE. Smell the difference and experience healing from the ENLIGHTENED botanical!


Marissa Pulaski: Pure Planets 

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“Pure planets offers spontaneous medicine from the earth.  We invite you to indulge with intention and wonder.”

Tilo Grajeda: Wise Mother’s Herbal

Our Wise Mother’s herbal gifts…made for all whole and holy Wise Women”Inline image 1

Kayla: Star Gazer Roots

” I will be selling tinctures, tea blends and spritzers.  Tea blends are based off the 7 chakras.  Each labeled with a sweet affirmation associated with the particular chakra.  All tinctures and tea are organic and locally made.”
Kayla: The Flowered Life
” Selling topical cream and items such as soap, muscle/healing salves, body oils and yummy lip balm. Allergenic and local made.”
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