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Ayurveda & Essential Oils 101 With Somah

Ayurveda & Essential Oils 101 with Somah

Saturday 6:45-7:45pm


Explore the science of Ayurveda while using Essential oils. Learn how to identify the quality of an oil company by the varieties and strains used. Experience the side by side comparisons of mass produced oils and artisan distilled oils. Understand basic application techniques for ingesting, synergistic blending oils or aromatherapy effects of diffusing biodynamic Essential oils.

Somah Devi Ma has been studying Ayurveda and Essential oils since 2011. After spending months in India, studying Ayurveda in the field, she spent time in an oil distillery where the processes of dilution, fractionation and mass-production were studied along side of biodynamic, artisan batch methods. This shifted her direction and in 2014, Somah began as a worldwide curator for the best, most transparent oil sources she could find, allowing her to ignite her passion of travel. April of 2016 she attended a private Neroli distillation in Tunisia, Africa. Meeting the small farmers and connecting them to apothecaries and the healing profession has been her mission. Global connections for global health.

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