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Cali And Erin

Cali and Erin

Cali Machen and Erin Dougherty are creative soul sisters, raised at the foot of the Colorado rocky mountains. Weaving beauty in harmonies with intention through their lyrics, they create a mesmerizing and powerful presence within their music. Through song and written word, they believe power is harnessed which penetrates, fills, and moves the human spirit to deeper levels of being. Both in their final year of high school, they carry deeply seeded intentions for nurturing, bringing joy, depth, and raising vibration amongst the human race as they move into this next phase of their lives. They intend to carry this dream forward through music, as well as movement, dance, art, energetic healing, and all light-mused, pure, powerful expressions of creation. They have just released their second collection of original music, but first full length album, “Indigo.”

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