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Community Rights: Saturday 10-11am in the Global Healing Solutions TIPI

Why is Coloradans for Community Rights important?

CCR is organizing a campaign for a 2016 Community Rights Amendment to the State Constitution.Unknowingly for most of us, there are laws on the books that prevent our local officials from protecting us. It is the work of our Community Rights Amendment that upgrades the law of preemption to protect our streams, rivers, our citizens, and animals.It is grassroots organizing that drives change to the state level.


CCR speaks about structure of law that elevates corporate decision making over community decision-making.The structure of state and federal law preempts local decision- making and forces harmful activities such as fracking and factory farming into communities despite community opposition and harm to the public health and environment.Over 150 communities across the country have established Community Rights ordinances that protect communities from a range of harmful practices, from shale gas drilling and fracking to land application of sewage sludge.

Ann Griffin, leading this talk,  is a resident of Lafayette and became interested in local politics for the first time 4 years ago when she saw Longmont halting fracking, and  thus halting its toxic damage to the air, water, health and safety of its citizens. She is an avid gardener and lover of community where she lives in Nyland Cohousing.

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