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Creating With Communication With Ivan

Creating with Communication with Ivan

Date and Time
Saturday 3:15-4:15pm

Sun Lodge

Ivan Jungé

This workshop will gently explore and uncover some of the inner workings of our psyches. Awareness and healing will be generated using art, active imagination and integrated group feedback. We will examine statements from our lives and play with them. The exploration will consist of nonviolent communication techniques as well as tools for uncovering the subconscious, derived from the work Carl Jung. We will move away from our reactions, tease-out feelings and needs, and uncover a fresh space for something new to unfold in the process.

Ivan Jungé is a graduate student at Naropa University in their Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling Psychology program. He has been working with men, running transformational retreats and facilitating group process work for over 15 years. He shares a special interest in nature-based activities and as well as spiritual pursuits. As a former Introduction Leader with Landmark Education he reminds us that most of our consternation in life is based on a story we created, and to ask ourselves, “who are we being, right now?”

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