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Dream Weavers: Saturday 5:15-6:15pm In The Global Healing Solutions TIPI

Dream Weavers: Saturday 5:15-6:15pm in the Global Healing Solutions TIPI

Weaving with Spider Medicine workshops are an Expansion on the Indigenous American custom of “The Dream Catcher” What I call “Weavers” . The synergy of the Weaver embodies the Traditional and Multicultural Archetype of the Weaver, The spider, The fates etc.. “ we are all Weavers of our own web, we individually and collectively affect the Web of Life”  Weavers are A sacred Art forms designed to hold space as a reminder of the beauty of the Dreamer and the power we all have to weave our Dreams into a living reality . It can Hang in any space preferably one that evokes the healers embrace of  empowerment and Love- for self and other, as we are all connected .The magic of the Weaver is in the remembering that we are all weavers of our own web.  The focus of this workshop is not only to weave prayer and intention into our own lives through learning the creative process of weaving. It is also an opportunity to weave intentions between Friends, Lovers, family – All my Generations and Relations. We also weave new threads for community and network of like minded powerful women and men called to learn this art.

    There will be An Opening ,A Weaving, A Sharing, a mirroring , Song Prayer and mantra , and a Closing. Aho!dreamweavers/cxru

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