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Dyanna Annai Beckwith   :   Karmahigh

Dyanna Annai Beckwith : Karmahigh

Karmahigh is a Spirit based company that sells and shares uniquely conscious creations from the heart.
Our creative manifestations contain three main principles, which are Earth Aware, Community oriented, and Spiritually activated. Our main mission is to be of service through the art of creativity, therefore everything we make and share could be used for sacred and spiritual practice, or everyday use that connects us all in a deeper way. Therefore, we say that Karmahigh is more than just a company, we are a way of being in the world.

What you may find when connecting with us, are many little sacred treasure finds from fashionable up-cycled and handmade jewelry to eco-concious fashion accessories. Naturally collected feathers for our smudge wands and fans. Wild-harvested and organically grown healing products. And most importantly a HUGE smile from us, with many stories to share. See you there!

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