This is an opportunity deeply connect to our own unique experience of gender and share from that space.  The sharing will be part verbal and part embodied. Participants are encouraged to explore other expressions of gender including fluidity.  The goal of this experience is to feel more connected to our own gender and the identities of others thereby diminishing the spaces between.

Led by Lorena and Ethan. Lorena is a Life and Relationship Coach.  She works with men, women, and couples assisting them to find wisdom and freedom in the places where they are most stuck in life.  In 2008 she completed the Transformational Coach and Leadership Training through Authentic World, LLC.  After graduating she founded Living Realized, LLC where she is a community leader in the arenas of men and women’s work, relational trainings, and transformational workshops.
Ethan is an Illuminating Engineer, Parkour Coach, and initiator of men.  He shares himself with the world vulnerably and with fierce love.  He has been deeply involved in men’s work and rites of passage work since 2012.  His work focuses on supporting men’s journey to wholeness and mentoring youth.