Sister Winds Festival is created and put on by the community efforts of all, from the initial conception through collaborating and contributing self sustaining practices in a safe a harmonious event to raise funds and the frequency for each years featured fundraiser focus. Please, contribute with your beautiful energy and a conscious outlook for a more self-sustainable outlook and use of resources.

Please, check out the info tabs for additional helpful tips!

Rain or Shine?
–YES rain or shine :: envision pretty sunshine and gentle breezes
Can children come?
–YES Please, children are free under 12 ! and Kids Camp!
Parking ::
Parking is $10 per car, unless you have 3 people in your car, so carpool 🙂
Will there be an ATM?
–Nope, no ATM on-site
Can we have personal fires?
Can I bring my cat or dog?
Is there cell service on site?
–Maybe. Only At&t serviced phones work in Eden Valley; the location of Sunrise Ranch.
Can I bring a camp stove?
–Sorry no, not on this land, but there will be warm food for sale
Drinking Water?
–-There will be “sacred blessed” spring water at our water stations, also will be nice to bring drinking water in your re-usable, non-breakable container! Thank you!
–-We won’t have ice for sale, there is a gas station about 5 miles away.
can we camp next to our cars?
–$20 for camper parking and/or Van or RV but there is no RV hook-ups, but no camping directly next to your car. There will be very close unloading place to unload gear for camping and then you can park 🙂
Are my tickets refundable?
–sorry no, the are just fun-and-able so come enjoy!