Please, contribute with your beautiful energy and a conscious outlook being aware of how things can flow in harmony…….


Rain or Shine?
–YES rain or shine :: envision pretty sunshine and gentle breezes
Can children come?
–YES Please, children are free under 12 ! and Rainbow Lightning Youth Village provides arts and crafts for all ages
Parking ::  Parking at the Mishawaka is limited so the shuttle provided is best. Please refer to this link, from the Mishawaka website, there is a lot of important info regarding this topic : Parking/Shuttle at the Mishawaka
Will there be an ATM?
more info coming
Can we have personal fires?
–Nope!! Sorry! 
Can I bring my cat or dog?
–Nope. sorry! 
Is there cell service on site?
not very likely, the nature is gorgeous and pristine but most cell’s do not work in the Poudre Canyon at The Mishawaka. Of course there is landline at The Mishawaka for emergency situations.
Drinking Water?
yes there is drinking water, please bring your drinking vessel empty (NO GLASS). Unfortunately you can not bring “liquid” of any sorts into the venue, so drink up your water to arrive with an empty re-fillable container. Or there is bottled water for purchase.
Are my tickets refundable?
–sorry no, they are just fun-and-able so come enjoy!

Please also refer to our Lovely Host’s FAQ page : The Mishawaka FAQ PAGE