Sister Winds Festival is created and put on by the community efforts of all, from the initial conception and through collaboration and contributions to sustainable and regenerative practices throughout the event. Please, contribute with your positive energy and caring outlook for a more enriching experience.

Please, check out the “What to Bring” tab for additional helpful tips!

Rain or Shine?
–YES rain or shine :: envision soft sunshine and gentle breezes

Can children come?
–YES Please, children under 12 are free! And we always have events coordinated through Kids Camp!

–Parking is $25 per car, unless you have 4 or more people in your car, so carpool 🙂

Will there be an ATM?
–Nope, no ATM on-site

Can I bring my cat or dog?

Is there cell service on site?
–Yes, but we hope you’ll take the day off of media (unless you just have to tell your friends to come down! 😉

Drinking Water?
–-We will have some water Stations of Eldorado Drinking water set up, and it’s also good to bring some drinking water for your camp site too.

–-We won’t have ice for sale, but there is a gas station about 5 miles away.

Are my tickets refundable?
–sorry no, the are just fun-and-able so come enjoy!