My name is Franki Zinke, I am a Colorado-born earth lover and art is my way of life. It is my passion to create visual translations of the creatures and spirits co-existing on mother earth. I am here to share my art craft, to be a rainbow light, and to inspire love and co-creativity. My art speaks the language of forest protectors, it calls from the wild; I am honored to give a voice the the ones we share this planet with; Let us be captivated all ways by life-surrounding and find deep connections with our spirit guides. We live in symbiotic relationship and tap into what emerges naturally, feeling into the divine way of Nature. Making art for the world is a pure gift of gratitude! If you feel you have a project, idea or collaboration in mind and would like to Co-Create with me let us connect~ I love to collaborate! A few crafts I enjoy include: illustration of books/album and poster art/ spirit animal portraits, painting with watercolor or acrylics through live painting/ murals/ embellishments, tattoos and body/face painting, Graphic design/ logo creation/ success manifestation and design, and Theatrical costume creations. I enjoy the role of being a Creative Mentor, Orchestrating Art Jams, Painting Circles and leading Creative Skillshares to experience the epic diversity of all art forms. You Inspire Me so lets Play!  (