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Future Vision Meditation With Lindsay

Future Vision Meditation with Lindsay

Sunday 12:00pm-1:00pm

Meet at Labyrinth

Lindsay Semilla

The future vision portal combines a workshop and meditation. Beginning with a workshop that asks questions that activate you to answer from your highest self. This helps you articulate what you have to offer the world in a clear focused way. Then a full light body activation meditation and send our offerings into a portal made of a 12 pointed star. The 12 pointed star is an incubator for creator to manifest the most perfect vision based on our offerings. This workshop is designed to empower each participant in to their soul purpose.

​I empower individuals to move through the critical point in the next step of awakening, transcending victim consciousness. By accepting responsibility to take charge of our manifested experience and acknowledging our personal power, as well as certain fundamental laws of the cosmos, we will create an opening that will allow for movement towards a new paradigm and it will begin to manifest.

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