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Herb Walk And Astrology With Lucy McCall

Herb Walk and Astrology with Lucy McCall

I’ve been studying astrology, taught by my aunt Susan Horton, for 47 years.46 years ago I started working with herbs, natural foods and farming. I’ve had many profound teachers over the many years, and its herbalist /astrologer Peter Kabaska who taught me to key out plants, and relationship of plants to heavens. Since that time, I’ve learned from many people and have a passion for teaching people how to take care of themselves, naturally, all the way from food to soul. I grow medicines, food and make many healing formulas.

I have studied organic farming ,herbs,massage at Goddard College,Dr.Christopers School of Natural Healing,with Pandaji(auryvedic Dr.)in Varanasi ,India.also,various studies with ,Michael Moore ,Ted KapchukDOM.,and different ancianos along the way about traditional medicines in Northern New Mexico.

I teach Herbology and Astrology at UNM/Taos I’m happy to share all the wisdom I can.

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