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Honoring Mother Earth; Inspirational Workshop And Ceremony

Honoring Mother Earth; Inspirational Workshop and Ceremony

Take an uplifting journey into a multicultural ceremonial experience with music, prayer, discussion, and positive intention for deepening our relationship to the beautiful living planet which supports all living beings. Nathan Crane, award winning author, inspirational speaker, and the Visionary behind UNIFY FEST will be joined by his brother Derek Crane to hold sacred space inviting you to open the doors of your mind and heart towards living in more harmony with Mother Earth and her vital life-force energy.

Nathan Crane is an award winning author, inspirational speaker, filmmaker, and festival producer dedicated to the sustainability and unification of humanity. Nathan is the Founder of The Panacea Community, President of Panacea Publishing, Inc., Director of Panacea Life School, Chairman of the Board of Panacea Hope 501c3 non-Profit, author and publisher of “27 Flavors of Fulfillment; How to Live Your Life to the Fullest!”, and Executive Director of UNIFY FEST – Santa Fe, NM.

From addiction, dependency, jail, and homelessness, to a profound spiritual awakening becoming a highly sought after international educator, Nathan found his life’s purpose in helping people experience more health, joy, and fulfillment while dissolving harmful habits and mental attachments to experience personal and spiritual transformation. Nathan is currently focused on developing YouCadia, an intentional community and sustainability school in Santa Fe along with producing UNIFY FEST; a 4-day transformational festival with world renowned musicians, keynote speakers, workshop teachers, yoga instructors, and indigenous leaders focused on helping unify humanity for the common good of people, animals, plants, and the planet.

Join Nathan Crane at Arise on Friday and Saturday for two empowering ceremonial workshops for Honoring Mother Earth and Living with Divine Guidance.

Nathan Crane

Executive Producer, UNIFY FEST
Santa Fe, NM Sept. 22nd-25th, 2016

Director, Filmmaker, The Search for Sustainability Documentary Series

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