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Intro to Hooping By Stephinity Salazar: Saturday 1:30-2:30pm at the Fire Pit

Intro into the World of Hoop Dance

Please join Stephinity, world class hoop dancer since 2006, as she begins with basic (hula) hooping skills, dancing with the hoop at the waist, and then transitioning into a whole lotta fun tricks.  A guaranteed joyful experience, and by the end of this hour long playshop, you will have a basic hoop dance routine that you can share with all your friends.  Adults and children alike are welcome.  Some hoops will be provided, but if you have your own, please bring it with you!

A next paradigm visionary creatrix, specializing in the art of movement and creative expressionalism, through fire dance, hoop dance, pole dance, fusion dance, vinyasa yoga, mixed martial arts, transcendental mysticism, avant costumry, and beyond. Stephinity has been performing since 2005, both locally and globally, has made appearances with numerous bands, djs, festivals, corporate events, televised events, non-profits, private parties and other performance troupes. She has been teaching hoop dance since 2006. Stephinity dreams of a bright future where we can align our heart vibration with the stars of other planets, fold space/time, merkabah around the galaxy and kick it with our sisters on other frequencies.

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