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Jayma Superlove

Jayma Superlove

More of a cosmological composer than a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Jayma Superlove is an intergalactic space commander posing as a space cadet. Performer, educator, producer, musician, inventor, designer and activist, Jayma is a music traditionalist ripened into abstract and original artist. She translates a subterranean fervor and serves as a ubiquitous conduit communicating unreconciled emotional treatise straight from the ecstatic and shattered soul of consciousness. To say she taps into the pneuma and dives deep into dialogue with our secret selves is to say she attempts to scratch the inutile itch of inconsolability that exists in any audience.

Her performances or Superlove Sessions are a braid of electric-acoustic exhibitions focusing on aggressive beats, experimental harmonics or resonance, melodic sonority, transcendental meanderings in a metaphorical song-story narrative. She idiomatically categorizes her most prominent exposes with experimental electronics, and branded her new style as a sub-genre of experimental electronic-acoustic crossover that’s coined Rxsounik. Heavily influenced by the psychedelic rock and break-beat era encompassing such futuristic artists as Pink Floyd, The Beastie Boys and Frank Zappa, most of Superlove’s tracks have cryptic volatility, with grooving syncopated beats, complex polyphony and a slam-poetry-type punch. She peppers the sonic guacamole with live instrumental improvisation on saxophone, clarinet and various indigenous flutes. Jayma experiments fluently with junky trip-hop sublinguals expanding into indefinable realms of sugary sweet reflections paradoxically twined with disturbingly dark and satirical contemplations. Some describe her music as intelligent hippy-love-rock, with an underbelly resembling some kind of melancholic & covertly hostile Alfred Hitchcock trist. Percolating retrospective iambics of obscurity with juxtaposed comedic hijinks, she offers her electro-acoustic pontification and it’s always well versed with complex emotional hooks. Add some daring acapella-scat-sing-phrasing, cross-breeding folklore mixes and melismatic blends, samples, ambiguous noise with standard form-sensibility plus some classic funk, and you get an idea of what she is shooting for.

She fronts the Independent Record Label the ‘Rxsounik.gronk.Substratum’ that serves as a platform and congregation for like-minded collaborators. The label also provisions a playground for the new wave of thrill seeking adventurist, expanding consciousness comrades and epilog for the sustainable living movement.

Jayma experiments fluently with ethereal undertones while shaking the most inauspicious stars–and she does this like a hypnotic ace. Catch her solo or peppered with fellow oddball synthe inventors, funk + afrobeat ensembles or experimental electronic crossover nerds and avant garde jazz freaks.

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