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Star Mother Stories

Star mother stories

Star mother stories

Legends and myths remind and inspire our own inner heroes and heroins through story. Relax and listen to stories from around the world and those from indigenous America tribes.

With Avi Esther Shekinah

AviEsther lives in The Ytene Forest, otherwise know as New Forest National Park in Hampshire, UK where she lives as a mother, teacher and wise woman.

She works as a holistic health mystic guide who teaches how to fully listen to, or be deeply present with, all the parts of self: mental, emotional, physical and all the associate energy bodies. Inspiring and deepening relationships with creativity, ancestors, nature, elements, and spirit realms in order to gift the experience of unity; how all are related to each other. With a background in performing arts from the age of 2 and classically trained in the Stella Adler method, AviEsther has guided children and adults in art and activities for the last two decades.

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