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Laughter Yoga (Inner Child Care) W/ Lady Love

Laughter Yoga (Inner Child Care) w/ Lady Love

Laughter Yoga is so Simple!

Anyone can do it! All ages and levels of fitness will be in joy, Focusing on breath, sound, childlike play and connection-
it’s a unique exercise practiced to balance energy, emotion, and expression. Releasing stress, anxiety, social shyness, and all forms of tension, One of the best ways to optimal health and joy is being silly! #shamanigans HeeHeeHee

Lady Love is a Performance Healing Artist, Playshop Facilitator, and bodyworker who lives to learn, play, joyfully connect, express and empower. Engaged with grace in the main practices of Laughing, Singing, Dancing, and the Healing Arts, she is in sacred silly service to remind us of our integrity and ability for self mastery. The experiences and activities associated with her ‘Joyful Journeys’ sessions, playshops and retreats help to catalyze emotional, energetic, and expressive alchemy, bringing us deeper into the reverence, development, and knowing of self.

For more content and info on upcoming events-> Connect @laughingladylove !!!

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