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One sunny day at the Boulder Farmer’s Market Wilson Harwood (Banjo), Eric Sugarsnap Pea (Ngoni)

and Will Reynolds (Percussion) happened to cross paths. Their musical creations that morning led to the African and Appalachian folk music fusion that later became Mbanza. Further serendiptious musical collaborations led to the addition of Daniel Lockely (mbira and bass), Rachel Klucewicz (Washboard/Vocals/Ukulele), Theo Drama (Doumbek), Elliot Smith (Calabash), and Scott Parker Mast (Djembe).
Playing Arise Music Festival and several venues across the Front Range, Mbanza quickly grew a strong loyal following. The joyful grooves and harmonies of Mbanza always get the crowd dancing and singing along. Their unique sound is based in traditional african rhythm and song with accents of bluegrass banjo and washboard that bridge two musical cultures with shared roots in Africa.

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