Diana Suemi at one time was a high level business executive in Moscow, Russia, until she found that even reaching her goals in the social world would not satisfy her. For over 20 years now Diana has been studying and obtaining spiritual knowledge from all over the world. Specifically, Diana has spent many years studying with the Spiritual Keepers of Ancient Siberian Slavic knowledge. Now Diana has been given the title of “priestess” or “shaman” and spends her life traveling all over the world as an spiritual life-coach. She has devoted her life to teaching this wisdom and has empowered women all over the world. Diana is the creator of the International Womens Association, DAOIN,  and is a character in the book “Adventures of the Mystics” found on Amazon. Please find out more at www.dianasuemi.com, or www.boulderslavicshamanism.com. Join Diana at 1:30pm in the Meditation “Field of Love” where we clear our physical, mental and emotional bodies so we can be a channel to the divine and offer the pure energy of love to all our communities.