Nikki Lee Drumm is an intuitive visual artist originally from Charleston, South Carolina. She draws inspiration from the environment, the physical and spiritual connections she observes in the moment.   Art has been a powerful transformational tool in her life. When she moved to California in 2012, she began using a paintbrush after observing other artists live painting at festivals. Nikki’s body of work has captivated the hearts and minds on f those observing her process in motion. As she creates original works of art, she flows until the expression takes shape onto a story or symbolic feeling. She hopes to incite a personal and passionate response from those viewing her art. It is her goal to share her ‘process of creation’ with others. Capturing love and peace in the midst of the most dynamic and charged environments, Nikki’s canvas shines with brilliance.  She Has had over 3,500 hours of live painting experience for Private Fundraising Events, Music shows, Festivals, Weddings and Birthdays.
“My meditation is my dedication to projecting harmony though visual art moment by moment.  I also work with Theta-Healing and offer soul portraits that invites you to explore a more evolved version of yourself.  I feel most tuned in when I’m offering my canvas and brush openly to captivate the most prolific moments of life”