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Paint your Flower:   Saturday 5:00pm-6:00pm in the Red Tent

Using guided meditation, we will get a feel for and visual of our sacred flower. Without looking, we will take the vision and paint what we saw and felt. Be as free and creative as your flower wants you to be! Express her wildly with vines and vibrant colors or gentle with flowing waters and streams.

Cassie Lyn

Bio: Cassie Lyn has been on the healer’s path since the age of 8. She is a Certified Massage therapist on her 10th year, Shamanic practitioner, energy healer for 6 and Yoga instructor for 2. Her passion for healing brought her into her own wounds and unveiled to her the mystical enchantments and energetic strengths of the feminine. This portion of her path birthed passion for Moon time & the deep manifestations & magic appropriated with that. She has held workshops in California and Tennessee for small intimate groups of woman guiding them on personal and shamanic journeys into their wombs, gently instructing how to tap in, release and rebirth healthy boundaries, healthy expression and healthy emotional lives with their blood, even after the flow has ceased. Cassie brings her enthusiasm, passion and love for human kind into each ceremony. She shines in holding space for the feminine. You will feel held, loved, respected and honored in her presence.


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