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Past Life Healing For Women: In Love With You With Jennifer

Past Life Healing for Women: In Love with You with Jennifer

Saturday 3:30-4:30pm

Red Tent

In the sacred healing space that only women can create together, experience a past life regression designed to create big self-love just for you. From this sweet space, fall even more in love with the rest of your life…your world. Ease, Grace and Joy. The safe, nurturing healing will be offered by a facilitator with 12 years of experience. Come home to you.

Jennifer Smith is a lover of life and cherishes the opportunity for deep connection with people, animals…all of life. Her studies of healing, dance and yoga have taken her around the globe to magical places like Bali, Thailand, Spain and India. She has been offering past life regressions, intuitive guidance & healing since 2004. After years of adventures, she is grateful to have just returned home to Boulder, CO. One of her greatest passions is teaching women to do intuitive healing work professionally and offers a certification program. She holds Masters certificates in Creative Expression and Teaching and currently, she is pursuing her PhD in East West Psychology, researching passionate engagement with life.

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