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Permaculture Site Mapping With Brian

Permaculture Site Mapping with Brian

Saturday 12:15-1:15pm
Meet @ the Labyrinth
We will be breaking into groups to create our ideal community living situation in different climates around the world. Using markers, Gaiacraft’s permaculture elements deck, and your imagination we will create communities of our dreams! The workshop will cover basics of placement, guilds, and techniques in designing an abundant, healthy, and harmonious life.
Brian is a visionary permaculture student, designer, and teacher dedicated to regenerating mother earth and her inhabitants. He has helped start an Alerce reforestation project near Hornopiren, Chile where Eco Aldea Peumayen (The Dreamed of Ecovillage) is being developed to support travelers, volunteers, and team members while rejuvenating the marginal land near Patagonia.  He also supports Turtle Island Ecosocial Design’s sister projects creating communities while restoring the land in northern Colorado and near Bihar, India.  Brian is passionate about sharing knowledge and hope for a bright and abundant future.   He is an active community ambassador with Wealth in Community Knowledge (The Wick) and on the core council of StarTribe Alliance.
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