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Plant Walk With Becca Wasserman: Sunday 10:30-11:30am At Pachamama Farm’s Medicinal Herb Garden

Plant Walk with Becca Wasserman: Sunday 10:30-11:30am at Pachamama Farm’s Medicinal Herb Garden

 Wander through the mandala-shaped herb garden at Pachamama Farm, where we grow over 30 different varieties of medicinal and culinary herbs. On our walk we will share some stories and basic uses of a few of the plants in the garden. We will also harvest some fresh herbs for making tea, which will be available to try after the tour!

Becca Wasserman is a local Certified Clinical Herbalist and Flower Essence Practitioner who manages the herb garden at Pachamama Farm. Becca’s approach to tending the herb garden is inspired by her deep relationship with the plants, as well as her background in organic gardening, small-scale farming, and permaculture. When she’s not in the garden she also works as an herbalist at Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary & Supply in Boulder. 

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