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Sacred Circling: Saturday 1:30-2:30pm in the Global Healing Solutions Tipi

 Global healing is reflected in how we can live and love more harmoniously.  Sacred Circles are reverential and playful ritual circles we create to honor and adore each other.  Utilizing eyegazing, contemplative questions, and the archetypes of the zodiac, we rotate partners in a sacred sharing to help participants discover the full spectrum of their souls—from holding patterns, to challenging edges, to places of power, and zones of bliss.
VerDarLuz is an international speaker, life coach, shamanic astrologer, and performing artist.  He is the creator of the Art of Partnership and Human Design webinar courses and two books on archetypal astrology and consciousness, Codex of the Soul and Aquarius Dawns.  He has worked with Mayan and Peruvian shamans, and teachers in the disciplines of Western Astrology, Human Design, AstroLocality, Numerology, Tantra, Rebirthing Breathwork, Past Life Therapy, and QiGong.


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