A reflection on your foundation which consists of your physical body, spiritual mind and emotional being and how the core of your essense correlates to the sustainability and growth of your life. From daily habits, morning rituals, repetitive thought and behaviors that are distracting, we will get clear on what helps sustain your best self, identify the disempowering conversations and talk creation with what you want to be up to, simply by understanding the life you are currently creating and getting re-introduced to your fundamental self. We will break down essential components of meditation, explore movement, visualizations, music, Reiki and formal seated meditation as well as show you how to use these techniques in your every day life. You will leave with a better understanding of how stillness gives access to freedom.

Audra is inspired to connect and be a catalyst for other human beings’ growth through both the focus of the physical body and the spiritual mind. Through years of practicing yoga, meditation and inquiry, Audra continues to learn the power of attention, pranayama (breath), innate core power and personal growth. She is committed to her work around Baptiste Yoga and Kundalini Yoga and the philosophies of her teachers from around the world and understands that this life contains gold in every interaction, through every moment we as humans have been gifted with here on earth.