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SATTVA YOGA JOURNEY ‘A Celebration of Life’ with Yashoda Devi Ma: Saturday 10:45am-12pm in the Yoga Dome

Sattva Yoga is ancient and fresh at the same time. There is a soft heart with a fierce, strong spine. There is sincerity and humor.  Sattva Yoga journeys include ancient yogic techniques as well as current evolutionary practices to create a clear path for the individual to experience a full and joyous life.  They include meditation, breath work, hatha postures, vinyasa flows, kriyas, mantras, free movement, and wisdom. There are no levels in Sattva Yoga. Rather, each class welcomes each student to arrive as they are, listen to the needs of their bodies and minds in any given moment, and enjoy practicing together.

Yashoda Devi Ma is the founder of Cosmic Women’s Tribe and a teacher of Vedic Meditation. Her life passion lies in facilitating healing transformation in mind/body, evolution of consciousness, going beyond thought and providing the tools for those to truly become a master of their mind.  She has studied yoga and meditation in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas for the past decade. She has trained and studied under Vedic Masters Anand Mehrotra (founder of Sattva Yoga) and Thom Knoles ‘Maharishi Vyasananda’ (Vedic Meditation/Nishkam Karma Yoga) who is a world renowned Vedic Master of 40 years who studied under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

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