I am Savithri from south India and I dance, perform, compose, choreograph, and teach. I recieved my degree in Bharatanatyam Indian classical dance ( B P A in Dance). It includes Mohiniyattam the other form of Indian classical dance from Kerala and Indian folk dance. Diploma in Contemporary dance, included modern dance and Kalaripayattu martial art from Kerala. Also I have attended different style of dance  classes like Kathak, Odissi, and Yoga.

I went through many issues which women are facing: gender discrimination and sexual harassment. I have faced problems in my relationship with traditional men and the conservative society which supports and empowers. My dream is to support all those women who are facing with different emotional problems. I would like to heal their inner pain through my dance knowledge. Try to guide and educate them towards their individual life, for example we believe that our fate is already written before our birth but, I believe we can all change that and can write our own fate.

Presently I am working with STOP INDIA in Delhi with young girls who all are rejected by poverty, society, their own family members and the conservative society.