Join us in this 20 minute gathering and walk away knowing an invaluable, easy and fun movement practice that gives you the ability and instant access to: 1. Energize yourself when you want to feel more elevated, renewed and refreshed. 2. Calm yourself when you feel rushed, over-worked, or stressed. 3. Release stagnant energies holding you back in life. 4. Reconnect with Life Force.

Back Story of Shaking:

Fear can literally ‘freeze’ in our bodies and immobilize us creatively in many parts of our lives. Shaking does the opposite, it literally heats up our body and our energy, thawing out the effects of our fears and limiting self-perceptions, many of which we have held since childhood. It re-instoruces (re-introduces) us to our inner, unclaimed wildness.

Many of us can turn our these unconscious, destructive tendencies outward and experience tumultuous, and confrontational fire-ey circumstances OR inward(inwardly)toward ourselves resulting in depression, free-floating anxiety and immobilization. We are not taught or told how to shake out anxious moments of either emotional or physiological traumatic incidents…and these experiences can then become trapped within the nervous system and muscle tissue of the body. This ancient practice is ultimately a way of dissolving and then re-enlivening the places inside of us that might have gone numb. We allow a greater intelligence – the life force within us – to pervade and infuse our bodies back into their natural state. The (insert space between ’state’ and ’the’) beautiful thing is that the most effort you have to make is to keep moving as wild, free, and (loose) loosely as you can. That’s it!