Shamanic dolls was born when three magical travelling women converged on a road trip to see the Zozobra burn in New Mexico. Cosmic dust came alive in our blood, our hearts caught fire, wings spread~ and a rainbow bridge was made.
The Magical Serpant Sprial rises and spins ~ simultaneously she sheds her layers through our dance~ Born was our Motto~ “Our sex is our politics, our politics is our art, and our art is our Magic”.
The phrase, “Eat My Magic” was channelled on while on the road~ and shortly there after, and a new archetype was born~ a ‘shamanic doll’.. a woman in her prowess, her clown, her underworld goddess, her priestess magic, and in her political heart for the world.
Shamanic Dolls wears the cosmic cape, over the indigenous soul… composting darkness into light~ through transfiguring old archetypes into new ones. Funny, Cosmic, Sexually Free, and Delightfully Brilliant~ We welcome you into the couldron of Magic and Renewal.