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Shamanic Journeying For Global Healing: Saturday 6:15-7:15pm In The Global Healing Tipi

Shamanic Journeying for Global Healing: Saturday 6:15-7:15pm in the Global Healing Tipi

We will do a blend of embodiment practices to begin with, enhancing self connection, group connection, and presence. 
We will then drum & rattle to further call on our guides and prepare to journey. 
Then we will journey (Journeying experience is helpful but not necessary. I won’t be teaching how to journey at this event but anyone without journeying experience will still deeply connect with the practices.)
Afterwards we will reconnect as a group and share our journey.
Lastly, we will do a healing ceremony for ourselves and the world, further anchoring and integrating the journey. 
Personal Bio:

I began practicing healthcare since 2004, first as a registered nurse and now as a nurse practitioner. It was clear from the beginning that my work was calling in a strong spiritual connection. This connection was found when I began practicing energy medicine and shamanism in 2008. They answered my call for healing modalities that deeply heal by healing the spiritual aspects of illness.

My earthly roots in shamanic practice began with Core Shamanism from teachers in Colorado at Sacred Hoop Ministry, where I learned to shamanic journey and perform shamanic healings. After several years of practice I completed a shamanic teachers training with Sandra Ingerman, deepening my experience and beginning to teach Core Shamanism. During the last year I united with a new teacher, Ladamira, a Siberian Shamana. 
Core Shamanism is strong with shamanic journeying- developing a deep relationship of divine revelation with spirit guides/power animals as the foundation for shamanic practice, then applying the lessons and wisdom learned to living a shamanic way of life. Siberian Shamanism with Ladamira has focused on embodying shamanism through body centered ceremonies & rituals that wake up the spirit, open the heart and amplify the voice of our true selves.
Shamanic Journeying gatherings and workshops are blended with Core Shamanism and Siberian Shamanism.  Its quite a magical, fun, powerful and centering blend!  
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