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Sister Winds Healer’s Village

Sister Winds Healer’s Village

Photo by Shaunti – Still Focus Media

Sister Winds Healer’s Village is a sanctuary within a sanctuary. Come enjoy any of the wonderful offerings including massage, reiki, psychic readings, aromatherapy and more!
Some of our wonderful healer’s include:

Keshua~ Keshua started practicing Reiki in 1998, and it continues to be her main healing practice. After 18 years of practicing Reiki, she has added in other healing elements such as crystals, feather medicine and plant medicine to her healing technique. Her intuitive ability to gain insight in to her clients blockages helps remove them and create energetic flow where there was stagnation or imbalance. Pre and post surgery Reiki healing has become her main focus of her work.

Avalon Gulley~ The body is a dynamic, communicative, intelligent and resilient home for our consciousness. Forces within the body continuously transmute our trauma and restore our wholeness. However, most of the time we are too busy to hear our own “inner physician.” As a practitioner, I love helping guide people into the stillness that underlies our daily life experience. As we relax our nervous systems and settle into a centered place, we become aware of our innate healing ability that guides us to embody our wholeness. My intention is to help empower people to self-heal by offering simple tools to relax the nervous system, explore the body with curiosity, and transform from the inside out.
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Kenny Palurintano~ Intuitive Energy Healing, Thought Optimization, Food Medicine, and Aromatherapy
Kenny practices energy healing with a focus on grounding, clearing, and helping create space for you to step into your full potential, often enhanced with massage and essential oils. Kenny also offers assistance with re-programming thought patterns, replacing beliefs that no longer serve, identifying & releasing attachments, and being the deliberate creator of your reality. Also known to have delicious vegan treats.

Erin “Joy” Murphy~ Inner Union
I act as an ambassador between you, your body and field, and your spirit guides. I can move energy and “see” messages from healing spirits and trauma that’s stuck in your system. Together, we work to reconnect your strong parts to your needy parts. I’ll leave you with homework so you can continue the process on your own.

Alexis Kegel~ MAYAlignment Massage

Willow Arleana MA. LPC.~ Psychic Readings

Maria Torres ~ Indigo Mountains Healing

Heather Baknern ~ Massage/ Acupuncture

Itzda Love ~ Reiki

Jonah Jenson ~ Massage

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