A next paradigm visionary creatrix, specializing in the art of movement and creative expressionalism, through fire dance, hoop dance, pole dance, fusion dance, vinyasa yoga, mixed martial arts, transcendental mysticism, avant costumry, and beyond. Stephinity has been performing since 2005, both locally and globally, has made appearances with numerous bands, djs, festivals, corporate events, televised events, non-profits, private parties and other performance troupes, including Kaivalya (which she co-created in 2006), Pyronauts, Lunar Fire, and Astral Mechaniks (another co-created company). She has been teaching hoop dance since 2006 and currently teaches yoga and pole dance as well. She has a Liberal Arts Degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies, is currently back in school for a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, and is a 200-hr certified Hatha yoga teacher. Stephinity dreams of a bright future where we can align our heart vibration with the stars of other planets, fold space/time, merkabah around the galaxy and kick it with our sisters on other frequencies. May all beings be happy, free, and inspired to follow their bliss and live abundantly, with the freedom to express themselves intelligently and creatively and have open-source access to all the wisdom of our times!