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Serpent Yoga And Serpent Prenatal Yoga With Sunisa Srividya

Serpent Yoga and Serpent Prenatal Yoga with Sunisa Srividya

Both events in the Come-Unity Community YOGA Tipi —

Serpent Yoga, Friday 6:15-7:30pm:

At the heart of our being exists an infinity loop of essence that constantly returns us back to source- Sunisa’s Serpent Yoga rides the primal flow of this current  awakening a deep mystical remembrance of the goddesses shakti force – serpent yoga is Sunisa own magical creation combining hatha yoga ,kundalini yoga,pilates, garuda method and exotic dance – she  is so alive and present to the sensual energy of the divine feminine  –  one feels pulse with a spark of kundalini fire – leave her class in a blissful state of open hearted joy – deeply nourished and perfectly centered in the body.

Serpent Prenatal Yoga, Sunday 1:15-2:30pm:

Combinations of Hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, Pilates, and dance of serpent yoga will connect you and your baby to the source, helping you understand the physical body, the emotional body and spiritual body of this pregnancy. Serpent yoga will give you the tools to have a happy, healthy, and holy pregnancy that will lead to an instinctive, graceful and joyful birth.

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