The apple is the quintessential symbol of Fall, and cultures all over the world had a goddess associated with apples and the apple tree. The falling of the apple represents the descent into the underworld and the journey toward the underworld womb-heart-cauldron. As the Wheel-of- the-Year turns, the descending energy of dissolution returns to regeneration during the Spring.
The flow of life-force energy through the Tree-of-Life also flows through our human body. In this workshop we will explore some of the goddess lore about the apple tree goddess, and move the energy in our body in a tree goddess dance. We will also explore the emotional connection between the womb and the heart chakras. We will use Willow’s goddess and chakra books.

Willow Arlenea, MA, LPC, has walked the path of the mystic sage for over 35 years. She is a chakra energy reader, licensed psychotherapist, trauma specialist, and goddess priestess. She is the author of THE TAROT OF TRANSFORMATION, book and deck set, SEASONS OF THE GODDESS book, THE PATH THROUGH EMOTIONAL PAIN book, and the JOURNEY THROUGH THE CHAKRAS book. Her visionary art is sold throughout the United States and Europe.