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The Embrace Of The Moon And The Sun With Carlos And Lisseth

The Embrace of the Moon and the Sun with Carlos and Lisseth

The Dance of Yin and the Yang within you and within Relationship.

Embracing the Taoist wisdom and teachings that the universe is composed of two fundamental forces that move in harmony, we will look into ways to transform relationship.
Just as there is dark and light, inhalation and exhalation, there is Yin and there is Yang. Together we intend to explore how these are not opposites, but rather complementary energies that are meant to dance in harmony. We will look into shifting focus to the energies within Yin and Yang and away from gender and anatomy. And in doing so we can begin to open the door to then finding some neutrality and wholeness, as we look deeply into the eyes of another, and into our own Essence. And rather than seeing a stranger, we look for reflections of ourselves within each other.

Carlos Bio
Carlos Hawk has been a conduit for the most powerful force in the Universe, Love, for as long as he has been alive.
He practices living the four dignities of the Spiritual Warrior, and blessed to be sharing Energy with some of the brightest lights on the Planet.
Always a student. Carlos sees the Magic within the humble journey towards learning to use the full spectrum of one’s core and complementary powers, the Yin and the Yang. Noticing the way doors fly open when we are able to express your authentic self, and experience ongoing, conscious connection with ourself and others.

Lisseth Bio
Lisseth Wertz is a Myth Buster and a Soul Gifts Catalyst, that loves to show people how to create more MAGIC in their lives in the NOW.

She loves to play with energy, understand it and transform it to generate more lasting constant changes in the life of all the people she works with.
Her passion resides in helping conscious women and men ready to open up the next phase of their life; to change their inner reality, so their outer reality aligns with their desires! The results of this work is beyond magical and ultimately what transpires is the alignment of the person with their own soul and heart.

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