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Gentle Flow & Mindful Flow For Every Body With Tree Janzen

Gentle Flow & Mindful Flow for Every Body with Tree Janzen

Friday 12:15-1:30pm Come-Unity Community YOGA Tipi —

I have been teaching yoga almost 10 years. I would call myself a gentle flow teacher. I love the idea behind flow but also feel its so important to bring in the focus of breath and mindfulness through each movement so instead of moving from posture to posture to posture I love to give time in each asana to sit for a breath or 3. Alignment is key to keeping body and mind happy. So I love to bring in a sense of alignment as well. Being almost 6 ft and 175 lbs I hope to bring a very true, real and raw sense that yoga is for every BODY! So I try to bring comfort and modifications into the practice as well.

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