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Universal Love And Co-Creating Our Reality With Rachel : Saturday 3:30-4:30 Temple

Universal Love and Co-Creating Our Reality with Rachel : Saturday 3:30-4:30 Temple

Date and Time
Saturday 8:15-9:15pm


Rachel Morrison

Discover how to access the universal energy of creation into the body’s natural design to evoke a higher understanding of self and from that place, develop authentic relationships and experiences aligned with that truth.

Rachel Morrison specializes in Internal and Global Strategies with an emphasis in spirituality, wellness and sustainability education for millennials. She studied International Business and Marketing, and has practiced Integrated Wellness Principals most of her life. Rachel has attained many accreditation’s in this field.

Currently, Rachel resides in Loveland Colorado at Sunrise Ranch which is the international headquarters of Emissaries of Divine Light. There, Rachel expands an authentic loving connection to the globe, and is a speaker,trainer and developer of programs of change with both Sunrise Ranch and thought leaders from around the world who are dedicated to the awareness and evolution of consciousness by focusing on global development through the Self, Thriving Community and Unified Efforts

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