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Bliss Gypsy Creations

Bliss Gypsy Creations

Bliss Gypsy Creations was manifested 6 years ago by a wandering gypsy inspired by the magic, beauty, and art around the world.

As a performance artist, doing circus around the world, clothing and functional fashion quickly became a very important part of her world. And producing these clothes for her friends, and community quickly because her passion.

She works hard to find the best of the best, strongest fabrics, most beautiful designs, and sweetest crafters to team up to make her dream a reality. All the items being produced under her wing are being consciously created, insuring fare labor conditions and wages for her lovely assistance.

Her current items are produced in Goa, India by a sweet talented team of Nepali Tailors. She strongly believes that knowing where your clothing comes from in this age of “made in China” everything is so important. Knowing her tailors first hand, spending time and sharing meals with them, laughter, and hard work in a safe and ethical environment is huge!

She sources all parts of the creations herself, including finding materials as eco friendly and affordable as possible.. She spends days digging though mountains of surplus fabrics finding quality rolls that would otherwise be left behind or waisted. She strives to keep her prices low by doing as much of the work herself as possible while still being able to produce on a larger scale. Its a big job but its driven by passion and love.

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