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The mission of Whole Heart Wellness is to offer services that educate and empower individuals to make informed decisions about their diet, herbal remedies, and to increase overall Vitality.

Whole Heart Wellness specializes in Digestive Health, Women’s and Children’s Health, Prenatal Nutrition, Food Sensitivities and in Wholistic Lifestyle Coaching to increase optimal wellness and vitality.

Amy Timmons is the Owner of Whole Heart Wellness LLC.

From Amy:

My wellness coaching practice combines knowledge of yoga, meditation, permaculture, herbalism, nutrition and coaching into unique sessions, tailored to meet each clients specific needs. I believe in Bioindividuality – I honor the fact that each person is unique and requires a special set of tools and resources to obtain optimal health. I also believe in empowering individuals to take charge of his or her own health and wellness


I was inspired to start WholeHeartBotanicals because as an herbalist and nutritionist, I believe we should pay as much attention to what we put on our skin as we do to what we put into our bodies. We absorb 20% of what we put on our skin. That’s why I use only the best ingredients in all of my products.

I also felt the need to create more products for people to choose from that are free of harmful chemicals, toxins and preservatives. My skin is very sensitive so I’ve developed a skin care line that is very close to being edible – the ingredients are that good.

I encourage everyone to read labels on the lotions, creams and other personal care and cleaning products and become educated about what you’re putting on your body and in your home. This is a great resource for learning more about the chemicals in most products on the market: Even the ones that say they are “natural” often contain many harmful chemicals.

Here’s to a healthier, chemical-free you!


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