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Womban’s Circle with Rosie Yarrow: Saturday 3-4pm in the Red Tent

This space will be delving into the lunar mysteries and ritual of the female body, a potent circle to share our stories, and to hold ritual honoring our bodies. We will open the space to talk about good nourishing herbs and ritual we can use to connect with our bodies, the earth and spirit. The universe moves in cycles, and as the microcosm reflects the macrocosm, when we sit in circle, we can touch into the rhythms that all life moves from. This is circle where we can share, honor our experiences as human beings and find deeper connection with the earth through connecting with the body. Rosie will share herbal medicines everyone can take when they leave to do self massage and nourish their womb space. Warmth and blessings to everyone! This workshop does not exclude based on gender, most of the herbs and ritual will focus around the womb, but i acknowledge that not all women have wombs and not all people with wombs identify as women. If you feel called to be in this workshop, all are welcome.

Rosie Yarrow is practicing midwife and specializing assisting young mothers. With the heart of a humming bird and voice of a song bird Rosie’s presence is joyful, inspiring and compassionate.

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