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Inner Light Revival Breathwork Journey w/ Live Music from AKOA

Inner Light Revival was founded by a brother/sister duo who feel passionate about creating sacred containers for authentic heart opening experiences through breath, movement, and music. Their approach inspires others to find healing from within and ignites a remembrance of our connection to self, others, and nature. The basis of their journeys is a powerful breathwork technique called circular-connected breathing. They also combine it with dance, toning, shaking, Qigong, live music, and more. This journey will be a special collaboration with live music from AKOA.

A sonic tapestry, AKOA’s music weaves rarely showcased world instruments with electronic undertones, creating unique and dynamic soundscapes which give listeners permission to
transform into the free-spirited globe trotters they know themselves to be. Creating an intentionally crafted and responsive container for their audiences, AKOA (Akacia Rose) invites the listener to return to a state of awe and grounded inspiration. Decorated with sounds of the natural world, the music is interwoven with and inspired by the
Earth, in all of her diverse glory.


Lindsay Balgooyen (Aja Rose) used this powerful breathing technique to heal her chronic migraines of 22 years. She co-facilitates with her brother Danny, and they believe that our breath is one of the most effective healing tools available to us. They are passionate about spreading this simple yet deeply transformative method and hope to inspire others to realize their own innate healing potential. They have trained with Sondra Ray, Danae Shanti, Dharma Devi, Ashanna Solaris, Chandra Andrea Polyak, and Norman Allard. They are based in Boulder, CO

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