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Intro Into The World Of Hoop Dancing

Intro Into the World Of Hoop Dancing

Intro Into the World Of Hoop Dancing

 Intro Into the World Of Hoop Dancing
Step into the spiraling vortex of the hoop.  This is an all levels class, but first we will focus on waist hooping and hoop dancing.  From there, we were learn a series of basic moves, as we we spiral our hoop over and around our bodies.  We will end the class with a few fancy trick moves and bring together our sequence.  Hoop provided if you don’t have your own.


With a background in various forms of dance, Stephinity began her circus career in 2005 with her troupe Kaivalya, performing locally and globally for festivals, musicians, shows and private and corporate events.  She has additionally guest performed with other troupes, including Pyronauts, Lumina Entertainment, Fractal Tribe, Rainbow Militia and Lunar Fire and performed regularly for The Clockower Cabaret for nine years.  While she is now semi-retired as a circus performer, she still enjoys teaching and will forever love to dance.

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