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Angie Fernandez Live like we love the planet

Live like we love the planet

Angie Fernandez Live like we love the planet

Join minimal waster and environmental awareness educator Angie Fernandez as she shares tips and tricks on how to reduce our environmental impact. Angie will share the 3 R’s of environmental responsibility (reduce, reuse, recycle) and will also share how to refuse, rethink, reconnect and regenerate for other opportunities to help us live like we love the planet and ourselves.

Angie Fernandez is a minimal waster/educator and consults for both personal and business needs. She resides in Taos, NM where she lives in a 160 sq. ft. tiny home, using less than 5 gallons of propane a year, living with minimal solar power and using rainwater catchment. Angie empties less than one bag of garbage a year, yet lives a fun and fabulous life. She is currently building her own home using natural and recycled materials. Angie may be reached at: or 575-937-1332

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