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Sacred Sovereign Relationships

Sacred Sovereign Relationships

Sacred Sovereign Relationships Workshop Madalyn

Madalyn will lead us thru a sound healing journey with the heart opening medicine of Cacao. We will participate in sensory connection exercises with partners, as well as consent and boundary practices to cultivate sovereignty within the self and relationships. This workshops generates deeper trust and sense of freedom in our relationships and sovereignty with ourselves and others, which infold can benefit our community at large.

Madalyn Love is a psychic new earth guide, a love, relationship and intimacy coach, singer songwriter, sound healer and cacao priestess. She accesses the Akashic records to assist in aligning to our souls blueprint, helps energetically clear blockages and re-activates soul level gifts to deepen understanding of how to align with our original selves. She holds a ceremonial space for deep connection, healing and rememberance of soul, and how to embody our gifts within the human experience.

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