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Women’s Circle

Women’s Circle

Women please join us to sit in circle together and feel the power of gathering and sharing together. We will do practices that enhance and uplift our divine feminine, as well as nurture and honor ourselves. When the women gather the earth rejoices.

Woman's Circle

This Circle with be co-facilited by Sheba Earth, Shaela Noella and others TBA

Shaela Noella is the Visionary Founder of Sister Winds, a musician and healer ( Sheba Earth, the Poet, the Musician, the Artist is a Khametic Priestess of Het Heru, initiate of the Temple of Smai Taui. Blessed to study under the instruction of the illustrious Queen Afua (Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity/ Sacred Woman) and the honorable Dr. Sebi, she has had many years of spiritual training in wholistic health. Early studies with Brooklyn master, Dr. Meeks at Moyo Nguvu, initiated her into Kupigana Ngumi and Capoeira.

She is well versed in Kung Fu, WuShu, Wang Chung, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Sheba has been a vegetarian and vegan from youth and practices yoga, meditation and the ancient art of contemplation on a daily basis. Earning degrees in music and fine arts, she incorporates instruments, sound and movement for a healing experience of the mind, body and soul. From her many teachers and travels she has comprised a wealth of knowledge, rituals and sacred practices for the uplifting and healing of women and our Yonis worldwide. Join Sheba in sacred space to ignite The Divine Feminine and heal ourselves; heal our Earth!

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